Christoph Merian Stiftung

Therese von Däniken

"On June 23rd 2017 our annual foundation dinner took place in the Dreispitzhalle. Once again the team at Au Bouquet Basel have set the stage for a perfect evening. The flower decorations were superbly matched to the location and were just as we had imagined. We would like to thank the team of Au Bouquet for the professional, uncomplicated, creative and fun implementation of our ideas. We look forward to next year.”

Anders Modig GmbH

Anders Modig

"My company has worked with au Boquet for four years creating events for watchbrands like TAG Heuer, Zenith and Patek Philippe in different venues during Baselworld. Andreas and his team have been fantastic in realising the floral part of our team’s visions regarding colour and form. I also appreciate that, when the events takes place during multiple days, that the au Boquet team returns to the event space to make sure everything is still looking perfect, and doing refreshments if needed.”

Valora Schweiz AG

Sina Geige

"No matter what event, Au Bouquet always managed to equip our events with great flower arrangements in a versatile and creative way. I have always been able to rely on the fact that the decoration fits perfectly to the location, enhances it and remains true to the character. Thank you very much for your excellent work.”