Care tips


Au Bouquet flowers keep longer, if you change the water daily and cut the stalk with a knife every third day.

Flower arrangements

Fill the flower foam daily with fresh water very carefully, so the plugged flowers are supplied sufficiently with water.

Orchid – Catleya

Native country: Middle – and South America (Epiphyte – plant growing on plant, but not parasite)

Preferred location: Light and warm place by the window. When leaves are getting hand warm, place into shadow.
Temperature: 15 – 30°C, in winter not over 18°C.
Watering: Water generously, but only each time after the soil has gone dry. Hand warm water, when possible chalk free. Avoid waterlogging. Keep drier after blossom.
Fertilizer: Use orchid fertilizer with every 3rd watering. Don’t use any fertilizer during winter.

Orchidee – Cymbidium

Native country: Asia, from India to Japan

Native country: Asia, from India to Japan
Preferred location: Light, at the end of summer place outside in a slightly shady location.
Temperature: Room temperature, cool night temperature from August until the end of September encourages flowers to set.
Watering: Water regularly, but only each time after the soil has gone dry. Good water drainage is necessary.
Fertilizer: During the growth phase in spring and summer, with every 2nd watering use orchid fertilizer in recommended amount. After the blossom, in winter, water with only half the amount with every 4th time.

Orchidee – Phalaeonopsis

Native country: India, Asia and Australia

Preferred location: During the summer months average temperatures between 18 – 22°C, and during winter not below 15°C. No direct sunlight. Surrounded by slightly humid air. Experts for orchids, therefore, recommend placing a coaster or bowl (flat, approx. 3cm high, filled with water, expanded clay or gravel) on the windowsill with the orchid pot on top. The water in the coaster or bowl evaporates and provides humidity, which will be absorbed by the orchids. However, the water should only be as high in order to grant that the orchid pots on the coaster are still dry, meaning the roots should not get any „wet feet“. Placing a radiator humidifier and spraying the leaves (not the flowers) increases the well being of the Phalaeonopsis.
Watering: In this case the finger test must decide if the soil is moist enough. The water should be room temperature and not calcareous. Preferably use rainwater or decalcify the water with a water softener.
Blossoms: The bloom over several weeks can be extended with a trick: After the first panicle withered, cut back the stem up to three nodes. Out of one of these thickening develops a new panicle, on which a lot of single blossoms will form between winter and summer.
Repotting: After the plant has blossomed twice, it will need new soil. Bring the orchid to us and we will repot it professionally and for free.


Orchidee – Vanda

Native country: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia (Epiphyte – plant growing on plant, but not parasite)

Particularly: The roots are air pending, spray or soak them in water.
Preferred location: Place by a window, a lot of light, in strong sunlight during summer, shade only slightly. In winter: full light.
Temperature: In summer 25-27°C, during the night approx. 20°C, in winter 17-22°C.
Watering: In summer, keep the roots always moist.
Winter: Reduced, but never let the plant dry out. Do not use any water high in chalk.
Fertilizer: Summer: two weeks with half amount.
Winter: Once a week.

We are happy to advise you competently at our flower shop should you have any further questions regarding your plant’s care.